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White v. Amusement Park (7/92)

Defense Lawyer: Boyd F. Jensen II

Facts: On September 5, 1988 at 3:00 p.m., Plaintiff, a 57-year-old truck driver, was riding with his son in a car on the "Gasoline Alley" ride at Amusement Park. The ride permits the driver to control the car as it goes around the track at low speed. Bumping is not permitted. As Plaintiff's car was entering the station it was struck from behind by another driver, who was not sued.

Damages: Herniated disc, injuries to lower back. Claimed he could not continue employment as truck driver. One lower back surgery.
Medical: $25,000 - Earnings Loss: $30,000 - General Damages: $500,000 Future Earnings Loss: $375,000

Jurisdiction: Orange County Superior
Judge: Judge Gardner

Plaintiff's Demand: $250,000  
Defendant's Offer:  $55,000 

Verdict: Mistrial; afterwards case settled for $50,000