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Willoughby v. Brooks (5/84)

Defense Lawyer: Boyd F. Jensen II

Facts: On September 12, 1981 at about 8:00 p.m., Plaintiff was injured when her left-turning auto collided with the oncoming Defendants' auto. It was alleged that the defendant ran the red light. During the trial the plaintiff who was a dignified tall lady brought the halo brace to show the jury as she testified about the screws being turned until they pierce her skin and hold onto her skull to prevent neck movement. Her lawyer told the jury as did their medical expert that this type of fracture was normally produced in victims of death by hanging.

Damages: Fracture of neck at C-2; inability to turn head more than 25% in either direction. Plaintiff claimed permanent disability.
Medical: $12,901.45 - Earnings Loss: $113,453.00 - General Damages: $500,00.00

Jurisdiction: Orange County Superior
Judge: James R. Ross (retired)

Plaintiff's Demand: $100,000
Defendant's Offer: $15,000

Verdict: Defense