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Tadros v. Amusement Park (1/94)

Defense Lawyer: Boyd F. Jensen II

Facts: On August 12, 1988 at 7:57 p.m., Plaintiff, a 58-year-old accountant, slipped and fell on a curb at "Cordy's Corner" across from the arcade at Amusement Park. Plaintiff was with a group of three family members when he stepped off a sidewalk to cross a street. Plaintiff alleged failure to maintain cleanliness and absence of lighting on premises.

Damages: Fractured left hip/femur, soft tissue injury. Plaintiff has degenerative arthritis and will need future hip replacement surgery. Wife alleged emotional distress and loss of consortium.

Medical: $6,999 - Earnings Loss: $6,500 - General Damages: $125,000

Jurisdiction: Orange County Superior
Judge: Eileen C. Moore

Plaintiff's Demand: $150,000
Defendant's Offer: $0

Verdict: Defense