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DEATH = $0.00

Leidal v. Alaghamandan, et at (11/93)

Defense Lawyer: Boyd F. Jensen II

Facts: On September 20, 1988, Defendant Brian Alaghamandan, age 16, was driving a VW "Bug" with five teenage passengers, all on their way to school. Defendant driver ran a stop sign at the intersection of Michelson and Yale in Irvine, striking and killing bicyclist David Leidal, a 14-year-old student on his way to school. The Decedent was struck in the crosswalk at a four-way stop intersection. Plaintiff not only sued the driver and the city of Irvine, but also the passengers, alleging the passengers distracted the driver.

Damages: Death of minor son.
Medical: $31,000 - Property Damage: $650 - General Damages: $1,000,000
Jurisdiction: Orange County Superior
Judge: Byron McMillan

Plaintiff's Demand:
City of Irvine: $2,500,000
Alaghamandan: $100,000
Defendant's Offer:
Irvine: $0
Driver: $15,000

Verdict: Motion for Nonsuit granted