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Bennett v. Amusement Park (6/88)

Defense Lawyer: Boyd F. Jensen II

Facts: Plaintiff Debra Bennett was sitting in the front seat of the Corkscrew Ride at Amusement Park when she was hit by a flying object. Amusement Park employees at the ride saw her as she came into the station and she had a large gash on her forehead and was bleeding down her face onto her clothing. She alleged that there was a ride malfunction and that there were signs that required persons on the ride to not take loose articles. She felt that the ride was not being operated well to allow patrons to have loose objects. She also alleged it was designed poorly allowing this type of incident to happen.

Damages: Forehead laceration near bridge of Plaintiff's nose requiring plastic surgery and nasal fracture.
Medical: $15,000 - Loss of Earnings: $1,000 - General Damages: $75,000
Jurisdiction: Orange County Superior
Judge: Robert Thrasher

Plaintiff's Demand: $65,000
Defendant's Offer: $10,000

Verdict: Defense
Note: This matter was taken up on appeal in which the defendant prevailed